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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

Coffee Cup

and what the hell is the Internet.

The United States of Shame - Check out your state, mine is apparently a hotbed for porn.

The majority of public high school biology teachers in the U.S. are not strong classroom advocates of evolutionary biology, despite 40 years of court cases that have ruled teaching creationism or intelligent design violates the Constitution, according to Penn State political scientists. A mandatory undergraduate course in evolutionary biology for prospective teachers, and frequent refresher courses for current teachers, may be part of the solution, they say.



Well, Richard Feynman made it into the top 50 in The Science Hall of Fame. He'll always be in my top 10.

Reading some of the comments on that article clearly demonstrates what a pile of bs that list is. It is nothing more than a measure of popularity of some people the authors consider to be scientists (Lewis Carroll?) measured by references in 'books'!

The United States of Shame - Check out your state, mine is apparently a hotbed for porn.

Just the highest % of people that aren't satisfied by free porn.

My state sucks because it's anti social.

Depending upon the definition of "porn", I'm not sure that it's necessarily a bad thing...

Or maybe I'm a sexual pervert.. (hangs head in shame)

I'm perfectly fine with LA's air quality to be frank. I've been to San Francisco a few times and it's even better from what I could tell.

the state i grew up in is apparantly good at producing heart attacks. presumably on ourselves, not others. :)

fwiw, my dad's had about 4 of them- and survived, with extensive surgery and 3 days in a coma. and if i die from anything else (except, perhaps an "islamic bomb" or terror attack) i'll be fucking surprised.

West Virginia, Huh.

My family's from WVA, and my Mom's had every form of heart disease there is (OK she did used to smoke about 4 packs a day). Her dad died after his 2nd heart attack.

Now I live in the oldest state. Well, it's tied with 2 others, but that's all we have to offer? Iowa also has east (R) as leftie politically and west (L) as far right politically.

You've got some nice wooden bridges and the highest high school graduation rate in the US. Not too shabby.

High literacy, most miles of roads(many unpaved) #2 in pork production, and first presidenial contest in the nation.

Also Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse five there.

I've always wanted to stop at the Amana Colonies, but the kids finally fall asleep between Des Moines and Iowa City, and I'm not about to mess that up with a little sight seeing. Maybe next year ;)

I am thankful when the wife nods off before we pass those damn outlet stores!


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