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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

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If science has any authority, it derives from transparency: you can check the claims against the working. Sometimes you hit a brick wall. Sometimes you might consider a shortcut. Let's look at 3 types of checking.

We're all hypocrites, but those who profess their "principles" most loudly hold a special place in the hypocrite hall of fame.



Suppose the government took over all food production. Person X says loudly that this state of affairs is bad and that things could be better if private entities produced the food. Then, because Person X is hungry, she eats some food. Government food. Noticing this, government lovers say, "Look! Person X is a hypocrite!"

Top shelf argument, eh?

Not surprising. Like preachers who preach against homosexuality are fans of the cock, so are preachers of laissez-faire capitalism are fans of government handouts.

From the comments of another site (re: Ayn Rand): "As taxes are theft, Rand was merely reclaiming her property from the government." I am confident that was not satire. Eep.

Facing lung cancer, Ayn Rand took government assistance - another right wing ideologue bites the dust. But here's what is doubly damning: (1) While one might forgive her shimmering hypocrisy in the face of a life-threatening disease, her ongoing cowardice to admit her actions is much worse. (2) Then there's the fact that she smoked like a chimney and very likely brought this particular ailment upon herself. F**k you, Ayn Rand.


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