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Thanks for posting my suggestion, Red. As a pedant, however, I have to make the point that a debate is WITH someone ABOUT a topic. So one should debate (whatever) WITH a Christian. If you debate 'A Christian' then he or she is the subject of the debate, as the verb 'debate' is intransitive. Just being pedantic.

The verb 'debate' is both transitive and intransitive

to engage in formal argumentation or disputation with (another person, group, etc.): Jones will debate Smith. Harvard will debate Princeton.

Can you clear something up for me?

Is you screen name

Pedants - Are - US?

Because Whenever I see it my brain reads it


Like a Dino Pedant. Which has had me in the mindset that "areus" was some sort of suffix.

It is as it reads, Red. Pedants-are-us! When I started this I didn't have access to Russian Script, so I could have written it PedantsRus, but .....

Thanks for the correction, JoAnn, but I am so much of a pedant that I even consider the OED to be problematic about some things. I find the transitive form (Jones debates Smith) much less elegant than 'Jones debates creationsim with Smith'.

'creationISM' Maybe I should create a new Sim City game for the creationists?

As a point of real pedantry the verb can be transitive or intransitive in usage, it cannot be both at the same time ;-)

The Sam Harris interview was truly trash. Half the time was spent pumping up an overblown "controversy" wherein atheists are supposed to be as upset with Sam as the faithists. Suuuree they are.


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