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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

It doesn't even have a magnet, how good could it be?!

Today the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew announce the online publication of The Plant List, the world's first database of all land plant species. The Plant List includes all accepted botanical names and their synonyms, as well as a number of names whose status as accepted or synonym is unresolved in the current literature.

Penguins are perhaps the most popular birds on Earth, thanks in equal measure to their incredible life cycles and charming tuxedo-clad appearances. Among their long list of superlatives, penguins can survive sub-freezing temperatures and gale force winds, dive over 1600 feet deep, hold their breath for more than 15 minutes, and survive with no food for weeks by living off stored fat [1].

And a Happy New Year to you all as Onegoodmove begins its 9th year.



I saw the PowerBalance story on Gizmodo earlier this morning. Pretty much everyone agreed it's bullshit. What's interesting is that the same bunch of presumably tech savvy people is pretty open to audiophoolery. I wonder if there's much of a difference. Reminded me of this exchange in one episode of Monk:

Lt. Disher: Natalie, it's just a doll.

Natalie: You really don't believe in it? Witchcraft, voodoo?

Lt. Disher: I'm a pisces. We're not superstitious.

This is the best paragraph from the Deadly Choices review:

In the final chapter, Dr. Offit correctly identifies the problem as a lack of trust between parents and health officials, pointing out that it’s easy to come up with conspiracy theories about, for example, pharmaceutical companies because they are to most people faceless institutions with profits as their primary motive. To try to combat this impression, he introduces us to scientists from Merck who work on vaccines, their dedication, and their passion. That’s good. What’s not so good is that Dr. Offit fails to acknowledge adequately that there is good reason why many people distrust pharmaceutical companies. We’ve written about some of those very reasons myself, including pharma ghostwriting, seeding trials, and conflicts of interest. Let’s just put it this way. I like Dr. Offit, and I wanted to like this book, but even to me this argument fell flat because it more or less dismissed the contention that not all distrust of pharmaceutical companies is unreasonable or overblown. Far better is his pointing out that parents whose children have been injured or killed by vaccine-preventable diseases represent an underutilized resource for countering the misinformation of the anti-vaccine movement.

Or how about the evidence not supporting the conclusions of anti-vaxers, and the science not supporting the plausibility of anti-vaxers claims?

Congrats on the 9th year Norm. thanks for keeping us all thinking.

Happy 9th/New Year Norm!

Congratulations on beginning your 9th year. I have appreciated your efforts.

Yeah, thanks Norm. From all your fans in the UK.

Did Al Gore invent the internet that long ago? Thanks for 9 years Norm!


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