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"Have you seen a Bushtit? - Conan

tip to Utah Birders



I have birded with Star Saphir on numerous occasions, especially when I was just starting out, she has incredible skills and is a legend in NYC's Central Park. The scene with intersecting bird groups is very common in migration season.

It may have been the editing or she may have been on best behavior as she is quite capable of verbally tearing Conan a new one. She is rarely so deferential.

Rob Brooklyn, NY

omg rofl lmao etc. tht was HYSTERICAL! as i've mentioned i don't have a tv and when i do have access to one i don't get american shows (maybe a week or 2 late). i never really understood the "shit"that went down between conan and leno, but i've seen more leno and conan seems MUCH more funny and on the ball. maybe it's a generational thing.

re: rob's comment above: "star saphire" didn't seem deferential at all to me, rather competent and unruffled. perhaps people were expecting her to be "ruffled" by conan's antics and the fact she wasn't was interpreted as "deferential". but fwiw she seemed completely in control, of herself and the situation, and quite sane for a woman who's parents pobably didn't name her "star saphire". :)

There was even a Ken Burns documentary about it.

thanks andyo, that was funny and educational. i always appreciate being educated, especially if humor is involved, in even the pettiest matters. and i gather this issue was not considered so petty stateside.

i still think o'brian is "better". do people here have opinions on this? or do they consider themselves above such "pettiness"? i'd like to be "educated" about this, too. waddya say?

btw, norm's original video post was also funny and educational i have a hard time getting excited about. but i (as always) appreciate his efforts, which imo hit the mark, in the sense that people who might not care about birds or birding could be introduced a bit to his new interest in an amusing and engaging way.

I think Leno has seen his day, and has been somewhat of a has-been for some time - albeit a rich has been.

During college, one of my many jobs was waiting tables at a British pub (in Virginia; owned by a man from Liverpool) that had a comedy club in the basement. Leno was one of the bigger name acts that came by, but this was pre-Tonight Show days. I was able to get a table one night and he was hilarious. He had about 2/3 prepared routine, and the rest was off-the-cuff humor, based on Q and A with the audience. I was excited when I first heard that he was taking over for Johnny Carson, but saddened when I saw the show.

Such is life.


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