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Founding Fathers - Bill Maher New Rules



NOt news to most of us here, and the TEA baggers will ignore at will, but kinda good to see this as well.

NOrm, The Header links are out of order. you can't get here from Adventures in American Leadership, and Both the Adventures and the Things I am Sick of are on either side of "Main" at the top.

Ah - looky, all fixed!

Ahh Bill Maher, the psuedo-science pushing self-described "libertarian" who is anything but. Amazing how much I just want to punch that smug face of yours while waiting for forced laughter for an unfunny punchline.

One of my major beefs with the Tea Party is that they pretend the founders were a homogeneous group ideologically. To call them "conservatives" OR "liberals" or any single-dimensional label is simply laughable, and exposes an ignorance I simply don't find very funny.

Bill, I can forgive a lot of your wacky beliefs and quirks. But being unfunny? That's where I draw the line.

To be fair, I think he's toned it down on the pseudoscience bullshit in the past year, especially since Richard Dawkins started hanging out around his studio. I haven't seen him complain about big pharma in a while.

i think you're right about "pseudoscience" in general, and maher does seem to have backed off that pretty much. i was unaware that r.dawkinns had been "hanging out around his studio", or what that might mean, or why dawkins would be doing such a thing if he wasn't actually appearing on the show. but anyway, i think you're wrongly conflating "pseudoscience" with "complaints against big pharma".

there are plenty of things to complain about "big pharma" that have nothing whatever to do with pseudoscience- though i realize that many of the biggest loudmouths among the complainers tend to be from the pseudoscience crowd, this doesn't mean that there aren't big problems, mostly to do with business practices and bullying, which include accusing anyone who might have a problem with them (about anything) as woo-people involved in pseudoscience.

if i recall, bigdaddymalcontent has had some intelligent things to say about this over the years. you don't have to be some brainwashed new-ager to realize that "big pharma" is a big bully with few moral (or even health-related) concerns.

It was just one of my cute ways of saying "since Dawkins appeared on his show and kept doing it, and being friendly with him". Specifically, since winning the RD Award and all the protesting from the "atheist" community about Maher's beliefs in medicine.

last thought: the golden globe award is fugly!

Like a dime store pimp's stick shift knob glued to a used trophy base.

how the heck did this get posted to THIS thread? ugh. tech glitch? Sorry!


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