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Daily Show: Tonal Recall

Democrats insist that Republicans refer to health care reform as job destroying, not job killing.

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Tonal Recall
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"Morons..I've got morons on my team..." - Scrooge McDuck

exactemente - rather than push for a name change, push for what the bill really IS.

although, I have to admit, it's no great shakes.

you heard me; beware of earthquakes now.

Need: Satisfy our base

Plan: Show we are trying pass bills that they might want.

Problem: Politics is boring, people tune out.

Solution: Focus on something inflammatory in the bill, that doesn't force you to debate substance.

Tactic: Use the title of the bill. Insert shocking wording.

Result: Fact that republican's tried becomes default narrative. Nothing of real substance is understood by the voters. Time moves on.

Meanwhile Camden, NJ has fired half of its police officers. Yeah, we finally are getting the Government off our back. Welcome to The Road Warrior school of community planning. Start buying guns, folks. Either that or get really rich, really quick before the shit completely hits the fan.

I can only imagine the number of people that are about to get hurt. These cuts are so draconian that I wish I could travel back in time and stop people from overusing the term draconian.


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