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Daily Show: Tim Pawlenty

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Tim Pawlenty
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Man can't seem to answer a simple question.

Man won't answer a simple question.

I'd like to know how many times the Democratic leadership voted to 'condemn' someone making crazy comments on the 'left' during the Bush years... because I know it happened. Can't say I've seen any proposed by Repubs.

it was most notably the Betray-us ad. Which was actually a very good pointed criticism.

But no, the republicans don't humble themselves like that. They can't even condemn Rush limbaugh for saying the most blatently racist shit imaginable without using slurs.

Yet Pawlenty said he would answer the question so many times, then switched the subject and neeeeehvah got back to Q and A. Nice talking points though. [cough] And dang! he finally offered an example and Jon cut him off for a commercial.

This afternoon I heard even David Brooks opine that Obama is a pragmatic moderate, not a socialist, not commie, nor dictator. Get with he program, governor :~)


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