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Daily Show: 24 Hour Nazi Party People

Jon challenges his staff to find someone on Megyn Kelly's show making a Nazi comparison before he finishes a home perm kit.

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24 Hour Nazi Party People
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The chickens come home to roost. This is what the left gets for pointing out the reigning corporatismo (AKA Fascismo - not necessarily Nazi) during the Bush years: corporate influence/takeover of media, people arrested (and later let go without charges) at Bush rallies for wearing T-shirts critical of Bush or the Iraq War, etc. The right was taking notes, and they came back with all the rhetoric, hyping it up as soon as there was a major election, and they haven't stopped. I guess the Dems feel like maybe they can jump in e fray once in awhile, but it doesn't wear well on progressives. Political fashion is tricky.

yeah, even in cases that it is a valid comparison, it really is a distraction from any honest discussion of an issue.

Really there are some important lessons to learn from NAZI germany about how economic disaster opens folks to manipulation via racism and wealthy business people siezing power for their own goals.

Instead of a real discussion it ends up producing hate fear and more stupid name calling.

"folks"? (from the german "volk"). your crazy is getting a bit much. i think you meant "germans".

economic disasters there are aplenty, historically and currently, and they don't necessarily, or usually, lead to naziism, or anything vaguely resembling it. except (if we're willing to accept a very broad definition) with a few european countries, briefly, a long time ago, and perhaps some african countries today. and of course, the israelis, who are far from approaching anything resembling "economic disaster. :) (pardon my broad and transparant attempt at sarcasm and irony.)

"nazi" today is just a word you use to throw at anyone standing in the way of your goals, it practically has no meaning anymore- as this clip demonstrates. and "wealthy business people siezing power for their own goals" happens wherevever "wealthy businesspeople" exist, no matter what the circumstances, and so does racism. and that's not exactly what happened in nazi germany, anyway.

you need some serious history lessons, and some on human nature too, despite your general intelligence (which i admit) but you are seriously off here. DUDE.

The problem is that Obama really hasn't done much at all to defang the Corpos (to use Sinclair Lewis's term). Corporate control of media is as bad as ever (Comcast will soon own NBC), Obamacare is a corporate-friendly program, concentration of the banking industry continues apace, and Guantanamo is still in business. As Jon's examples make clear, the propagandists at FOX spew Nazi comparisons all the time and I've seen some from Beck and Hannity directed straight at Obama. Ironically enough, since Obama really has been 'corporatist lite', he deserves a bit of it - just not for the crap they've been pointing at!

And Clinton was a corporatist in his own right.

Obamacare is a corporate-friendly program

I suppose we can all this Obamacare, but my perspective is that it was legislators who did all of the corpo-bidding, including Democrats. Obama could have pushed for at least a public option, but didn't, so I suppose int hat sense he's in the mix.



The entire problem with America, rich and lucky (inheriting a free handout continent from indigenes 90% of whom just dropped dead from disastrous dis"ease") as it is, is that it is like one of those poor victims who has had a stroke so they ignore the left side of their body, comb only the right side of their hair.

We have no left left. Unconscious America is of all the handouts, the free homestead land, the National Forests and BLM land for "huntin'" and "fishin", and "shootin'". Etc., The wasted food in dumpsters and the subsidized giverment megaproject water in the West. Dry and wild no more.

What passes for far Left in this crazy place is just a dribbling mist where the right fizzles, vanishes asymptotically close to the center.

Like Hitler we are missing our left testicle.


The Leftoverman needs to grow a Brocas brain, a speech center whatever its called, orchestrate also sprach zarathustra in under tones this time: C, F, C, Ab, A-natural, instead we play (badly) the fanfare for the common man. At Obama's memorial after a "Native" Yaqui-ti-yaq blessing.


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