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A Mystery: Why Does God Not Want Us To Walk Straight?

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.



Blind people must be very frustrated.

Blind people must be very frustrated.

i would think this is pretty obvious. what is more interesting to me is that stupid people are NOT frustrated, and continue to insist they are "walking a straight line". may the fsm, or whoever, protect us from the clueless. and may we continue, and increase our efforts to offer actual assistance to the actual blind in whatever ways we can.

I wonder if when blind people make a mental map of a straight street, they curve the street since it feels like the street is fighting their urge to walk in the direction that feels straight.

Maybe it's not that God doesn't want us to WALK straight, but that She just wants us not to BE straight?

Or maybe it's that God walks in a mysterious way, and we are made in Her image?

Maybe the earth spins and she couldn't find a good solution to that sensation without making us bump into walls when we walk around our future spaceships with artificial gravity.

Don't see why this would a god "issue" since he, her or it never demanded us to go straight. Btw I can't write circels with my right hand in clockwise fashion at the same time writing a square with my left at counter clockwise. Who to blame? God? Oh no what a travesty!

Well, its a joke really. As Atheists we don't really try to figure out why god would do things.

The my joke was pointing at the fact that many elements of our characteristics, even those in the cradle of our immortal soul make no real sense. The facts don't support intelligent design or a supernatural element to the human condition.

Do angels in heaven walk in circles constantly because all the clouds all look the same?

This totally explains the Blair Witch Project (1999, you are so long ago).

Straight lines are boring. Even binary includes a curved number.


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