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Wood Duck


Click on picture for a larger version

Wood Duck

I took the picture at the Beus Forest Green Park in Ogden, Utah



always been crazy about wood ducks, aestheitally speaking. nice shot of (presumably) a "couple".

A male and female for sure, and they were inseparable while I was there.

Great capture of fantastic specimens. Beautiful coloration on the male. Wish I had take the shot.

norm, your bird photos are stunning. Thanks especially for this one.

We built a wood duck nesting box last winter. They don't use a perch in front of the nesting box, instead they fly right into the small oval shaped hole. It's quite amazing to see - rather like someone parking a giant SUV in a compact parking spot. When the babies are big enough, they scramble up the inside of the box to get to the hole, then launch themselves directly into the pond.

I'm just happy that in humans, the female is the pretty one.


What's not pretty about that duck?

OK, the prettier one.


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