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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday

Coffee Cup

About a year ago I asked my readers and SGU listeners to send me suggestions about medical myths they would like to hear debunked. Now I get to reveal what project that was for - I was asked to record a course series for The Teaching Company. The final result is now available:

Medical Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths: What We Think We Know May Be Hurting Us

Pope Benedict XVI presides over a church that continues to promote the repugnant idea of original sin

I recently saw the movie Tron - the sequel that just came out last week. Not a bad sequel for a Disney movie - the plot and characters were a bit thin, but there was some nice eye-candy. The movie did try one thing that few have before it - it tried to accurately simulate a realistic person in CG. They needed a young Jeff Bridges so they created him in CG. It was pretty good, but just slightly off. I especially noticed it around the mouth when he spoke - it was creepy.



John Singer Sargent, a very successful society portrait painter, said, " A portrait is a painting with something not quite right around the mouth."

I guess that goes with cgi portraits as well.


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