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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

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According to the projects' results, there is, as of today, no scientific evidence associating GMOs with higher risks for the environment or for food and feed safety than conventional plants and organisms.

So now we have both the European Union funded research and the National Academy of Sciences touting the benefits and safety of GE Crops and yet there are many liberals who believe they are more dangerous than conventional crops. It seems it's not only the Republican Party (see next link) that has grown apart from Science it also includes many Democrats.

"It's not that Republicans are hostile to Science, they grew apart, as couples so often do. They have different values, different needs ... and the more Republicans learn to brand themselves as the contrarian yet practical ones, the less they need Science. Or her friend Reality."

Herbert Wilf, Penn's Thomas A. Scott Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, and Warren Ewens, emeritus professor of biology, say their model directly challenges the long-standing contention among some doubters that evolution couldn't have happened because the small changes in species outlined by the theory simply would have taken too much time to be completed.

Their works shows that, under a very reasonable model of mutations and natural selection, the time required to evolve a very complex organism is vastly smaller than might be presumed. As a result, the idea that evolution would require "too much time" to be true is proved false.



Two links are included in this post. The first [] lists projects from 1985-2000. None, I note, speak to the raison d'etre of all current commercial food GE, which is of course, the ability to saturate one's fields with pesticide and herbicide and still harvest a crop.

The second link, [] is broken, I don't know what it reports.

The actual Commission compendium is available (pdf) from here:

It's 280 pages, so must wait for review til after the Xmas baking is done.

The amazing 6% of scientists figure is well handled in the link you provided. I think that it boils down to this: Republicans are in denial, especially about science related to environmental issues not so much because they are incapable of understanding the evidence (at least not any less capable than anyone else), it is that they are incapable of accepting the solutions.

Re: European Union Research on GMOs

Maybe I missed the "GE crops cause the cancer and turn mother nature into a hideous mutant" arguments around here, but hopefully none of my fellow posters think there's any scientific reason to think GE crops are harmful in and of themselves.

Whereas what will happen with GE crops (and such powerful technology in general) in the hands of the big corporations seems to be the real ongoing argument... And then, isn't conventional agriculture already sufficient to sustain every human on earth several times over? Isn't the main problem causing hunger political - mostly thanks to the very corporations that want people to accept GE crops?


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