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Links With Your Tea - Thursday Afternoon



Fox news was deliberately slanted on health care coverage? I'm shocked!

Who could've known? It was so subtle.

Just because we already know doesn't mean it isn't good to collect the cold hard evidence to send to out crackpot relatives.

Really, Red! Crackpot relatives! I have a lot of crackpot friends as well.

Your crackpot relatives probably see it like this.

It's not like legislators ever use deceptive titles to mislead the public. Anyone who opposed the Patriot Act must be unpatriotic. Anyone who opposed the Defense of Marriage Act must be against marriage. 'Government option' does seem to be a less ambiguous name than 'Public Option'.

Ambiguous? I hadn't detected any ambiguity in the (so-called) 'Public Option'. I am pretty clear on where the money to maintain public parks comes from too.

Sygnas is just protesting public nudity laws in his own way.

...the government?

Public transit Public road Public safety Public school Public Park

Did people not understand it, or did people not understand it as a bad thing? It seems that if you are going to call one Govt, shouldn't we call all of them govt. or maybe we call them all socialist.

If we sent everyone a over 65 a Socialist Security Check every month, the term might stop being a slander.

Notice how your examples are for the most part paid for, and administrated by cities, counties, or states. I don't know about Minnesota or Texas, but in Missouri and Kansas, there is a lot more respect for the way these municipalities are run than for federal government. (One exception might be the Kansas City School district)

Rachel Maddow has definitely come into her own. The early interviews of hers that I watched were a little unsteady, but she has a rhythm to presenting facts and questions in logical order and keeps an even keel. I wonder if Bahati knows that much about her? Is he aware of her gender preference?

So we were sitting in the wait room at the car repair place. There were perhaps a half dozen others sharing the room. One began a rail against the damn government. Others chimed in to berate big government. Husband innocently inquired whether any there were unemployed. Oh no, not them. Two noted with pride that they'd retired from the post office with their full pensions. 3 others said with a grin, that they qualified for social security already. "Good thing too", added one old guy in a walker. "Medicare paid for my knee replacement." Yet NOT ONE admitted to recognizing cognitive dissonance between their anti-government political positions and their good fortune in enjoying a secure and comfortable retirement. Go figure.

Indeed, and despite Cory's whining about the Federal government, Americans are generally more satisfied with Medicare than with private health insurance.

To hear postal workers (!) whining about the government makes me want to go postal. The hypocrisy and self-defeating idiocy extends into all sorts of places. Last week over dinner with one of my colleagues, I heard the famous line about his preference for "limited government", and he was genuinely offended when I quickly inserted "except for your NIH grant."

Isn't that the goal of the Democrat party Tim? Make us all dependent on the federal government so we'll all be beholden to the Democrat party. If we dare object object, we can be certain the Party will remind us what hypocrites we are.

Now I'm hurt (sniffle): a reply so, well, generic that you even put in the "Democrat party" bit. ROFL - take it to

I was trying to tone it down a bit. I usually just call you guys The Party.

Hey thanks Tim. That's a nice website.


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