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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

Coffee Cup

More on arsenic loving bacteria, the comments are particularly interesting.



Why is there something rather than nothing?

There probably is nothing somewhere, but there isn'a there there, and there is nobody not there, not to see the nothing.

...brain hurting...

Why is there something rather than nothing?

"Why not?"

The refusal of Republicans to give up the tax cuts for the richest Americans while handcuffing them to unemployment benefits for the nation's neediest shows what complete fucking scumbags make up that party today. If you vote Republican and you make less than about $500,000 a year you need to read more and turn off Rush and Fox.

If only the Democrats could take a real populist stance without fear of corporate retribution.

OR, be a bit less of a xenophobe/racist/homophobe.

I really enjoyed reading that Kathleen Kennedy critique of Palin's book:

Palin's book makes clear just how dangerous her proposed path can be. Not only does she want people to reveal their beliefs, but she wants to sit in judgment of them if their views don't match her own. For instance, she criticizes Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), a Democrat and a faithful Catholic, for "talking the (God) talk but not walking the walk."

Who is Palin to say what God's "walk" is? Who anointed her our grand inquisitor?

This is a woman who also praises Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural, even though Lincoln explicitly declared, "But let us judge not that we not be judged." The problem for those setting up a free-floating tribunal to evaluate faith is that, contrary to Lincoln, they are installing themselves as judges who can look into others' souls and assess their worthiness.

That article hasn't alleviated any of my despair about the Bush tax cuts. It's clear any extension will make it deciedly easier for the GOP to permanently extend them in the future.

I say, let them all expire, and Obama will be the greatest deficit-cutting president in decades. And then we can get back to the business of governance.

The problem Derek Thompson has is that he bases his column on the belief that in two or three years they Bush tax cuts will expire. That's simply beyond naive. If the Democrats can't/won't force expiry during the lame duck session while they still have a plurality in both houses then there is zip-zero-nada chance whatsoever that5 when they lose that majority in the House in January, and almost for certain in the Senate in 2012 and likely the White House as well. Come 2012 the GOP will increase the tax cut for the 1% and kill it for everyone below "x" to "pay for it" (not likely it will).

Come 2012 the GOP will increase the tax cut for the 1% and kill it for everyone below "x" to "pay for it" (not likely it will).

Nah. The GOP has shown that deficits are not something they really give a damn about. Deficits are too useful and a straight-up tax increase on the middle class is a political loser; they're going to keep up the drumbeat for the "privatizing" Social Security. The media is now so emasculated that the towering illogic of blaming Social Security for deficits will be only weakly whimpered by a few 'far-left' whiners. Wall Street want its hands yet another flow of cash.

Yeah, you are right about the tax rate never getting fixed. What will actually happen is draconian cuts to medicare Social security and every other program they can get their hands on.

It will end up hurting them and putting dems back in power again, but the mess will be bigger and they will need pass things much worse that a simple tax cut repeal to get our country out of the deep dark hole we will be in.

But maybe dems are addopting a republican like shock doctrin.

only instead of terrorist attacks and racism their shocks are just the realities of republican policy.

My question to conservatives is this: Is there any level of income disparity that you would find to be unacceptable? I find our current income inequalities to be the greatest threat to democracy (if you can call it that these days).

I'm with Doug on this, if we don't get rid of these tax cuts now we're fucked.

Why didn't the Democrats just pass the tax increase using reconciliation like they did the health care bill?

That only works in the Senate.

Is the President really in a position to be negotiating this deal? Where is Pelosi and Reid? Do we know the Dems are going to pass what Obama has accepted?

Sarah Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion and politics

Isn't this one of those things where it's way time-saving-er to list what she's right about?

This explanation by Victor Stenger is interesting.

As Nobel Laureate physicist Frank Wilczek has put it, “The answer to the ancient question ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ would then be that ‘nothing’ is unstable.”


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