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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

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BRITAIN'S major retailers have joined forces to create a new shopping-centric deity called 'Spendo'.

If Jesus had done a three-for-two DVD offer, he might still be alive According to the new belief system, Spendo is a benevolent spiritual being who lives in all products, but only while they are quite new.

Reverend Tom Logan, a Spendist minister at the Boulevard Retail Park in Peterborough, said: "Historically, the major religions have disagreed on key points, which has led to things like social awkwardness and global conflict.

"Such differences are particularly evident during the holy festival of Xmas leading to resentment among people who don't believe in the Bible, wise men or snow.

"But everyone, regardless of creed or colour, loves getting stuff."

Why is genetically modified food necessary to feed the planet, and what is the science behind the controversy?



Arsenic-munching germ redefines 'life as we know it'

sorry - can't get it to work - too early!

Thanks Tim - I was up early to go on a trip and was trying to get things done before catching the ferry. That's my excuse!

Even if Borlaug did "save" a billion people during his lifetime, the long-term impact of the "green revolution" promises to recoup at least part of that figure. The green revolution wasn't just about plant breeding; it was about pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers & aquifer depletion, the results of which are still coming to light. Moreover, far from representing "a frank defeat of the doomsaying Malthusians and ‘Population Bomb’ adherents," the green revolution helped to insure that exponential population growth will continue, thereby delaying the inevitable catastrophe of which Malthus warned.

Again, I don't think Borlaug was a bad guy. He was probably genuinely acting in the world's best interests. But he reminds me of early 20th century environmentalists who rushed to put out forest fires, thereby increasing their danger. Deifying Borlaug and failing to acknowledge the green revolution's shortcomings will only make matters worse.


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