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"Drink the Spit" (Abstinence-Only Lesson #1)

From Amplify Your Voice: "The "Rose with no petals" exercise is used in the Choosing the Best curricula series, a popular abstinence-only program which has recently received funding under President Obama's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI). According to Choosing the Best's website, over 3 mil young people have completed the Choosing the Best program."



I wonder if those abstinence people tell their parents that they are like chewed up candy and spit?

Arrrrrgh - wow I wonder how the sex lives of the authors of this program are like?

No. I don't have to wonder. Sad.

Like chewed bubble gum and Spit if I am hearing it right.

Which I take to mean, sticky and devoid of feeling.

Let's face it. Kids older than, oh, 14 or so, will conclude that the people feeding them this trash are liars. Most people like sex - especially after the first time, which often disappointing. This crap has to be backfiring.

Its a plot that leads to only the smart ones breeding. When we teach them about condoms, only the idiots reproduce.

Govt run evolution.

I never thought about it that way! :D


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