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Doc Martin Jabs Anti-Vaccine Crowd

Doc Martin is British TV Show I recently discovered, and have thoroughly enjoyed. The four seasons of the show are available for streaming on Netflix.



Oh, thanks for posting this Norm. I've had this recommended to me by Netflix, but didn't think much of it. I think it's cause I've been watching Monk.

Hmm I think I know now why I subconsciously passed on this. Doc Martin kinda looks like Andrew Wakefield!

Clearly just one more propaganda attempt by Big Brother to convince us all that things like the MMR vaccine are good for us. She is absolutely correct when she says, "It's stands to reason."

In Japan, the withhold all vaccinations until after children reach age 2, which is the time when the nervous system has fully developed. By contrast, in the US, the push is for dozens of vaccinations to be fed into the bloodstream BEFORE age 2.

@Mark Banks:

It's ironic that you accuse "Big Brother" of propaganda, yet you say "the push is for dozens of vaccinations to be fed into the bloodstream"

Into the bloodstream? Do you even know how vaccines are administered? They don't inject them "into the bloodstream." It's not like they're shooting heroin, Mark.

It doesn't stand to reason if your starting premises are false assumptions.

Are you very stupid?

Well that makes sense. Afterall, Andrew Wakefield was paid to publish a fraudulent, unethical study so the attorney who hired him could sue the vaccine makers and make billions. Therefore we should trust him and not the various independent studies in various countries that couldn't replicate Wakefield's research.

Of course anyone who doesn't know that correlation doesn't mean causation is rightfully labeled as being stupid.

that makes me SUPER happy! need more (real) people willing to call out the anti-vaxx crowd's stupidity...

Looks like an intriguing show, I'll have to check it out. I wish it were easier to call people out for believing nonsense, but more often than not I end up looking like the bad guy. People don't want to be disabused nearly as badly as they need to be.

Fuck you Norm. I have read your blog for many years. But you have no decency in calling me stupid because you see vaccines as good things and I see them as dangerous.

I will never look at your site again.

Fuck you.

You're right Mark, stupid was the wrong word. What I really meant was ignorant.

Not everyone is privy to relevant information on all topics.


It's during conversations like this when I think about how great it would be if everyone was required to read "Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)" by Carol Tavris.

Sometimes, information is just not enough to cut through the cognitive biases blocking out contradictory (but relevant) information.

I should require it for all who visit onegoodmove :)


I think it's pretty clear Norm was making a riff off of the dialog in the show. This obvious troll that has "read your blog for many years" has no excuse NOT to have enough relevant information on this particular topic. If he is being honest, then sorry, but he IS very stupid.

I agree. How can anyone be surprised by this after reading this blog (or ANY science-friendly blog) for "years"? Me calls bullshit.

I was stunned by Norm's comment at first, then realized that it came straight from the clip. Kinda rough if you're on the opposite side.

That's the nuance and complexity of it all.. kind of rough, indeed, if you're on the opposite side in a sea of people on the other side. Exchanging ideas works so well when we attempt to advance our common humanity.

I did hesitate a bit before I hit return, but in the end just couldn't resist. I suppose I was just overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, ho ho.

I do think Doc Martin is wrong though:

Well, there was one so-called study, but that's been refuted by people who actually know what they're talking about.

Oh, but Wakefield knew exactly what he was talking about.

point- andy. and i kind of miss this kind of stuff here. ho ho ho. :)


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