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Daily Show: Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

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Does the judge's ruling mean we don't have to have required auto insurance? Wouldn't that also be unconstitutional or am I missing some important caveat?

Three problems with that canard:

  1. The federal government does not force you to buy auto insurance.

  2. Few if any states mandate that you purchase full coverage - only that you cover the people you might damage.

  3. If your state mandates auto insurance in order to drive a car, you have the option of not driving a car.

The statement I heard from the obama administration to refrute this point was pretty weak. THey basically said,"but we had to do it to make this work"

Th real defense is that its not really a legal mandate in the same way auto insurance is for drivers. It's essentially a tax on those that don't have healthcare. That's not illegal.

The republicans will probably repeal the mandate, in some way, and the dems will need to decide if they want to filibuster and veto that for the next 2 years. I don't know that they should, in that its going to be a rallying cry for republicans if they do.

What they should really do is give money to the states to all figure out their own healthcare systems. Expand medicare to cover children.

Eventually medicare can merge with state health insurance systems and create maybe regional systems or something like that.

Here's an idea Red:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I think the healthcare bill was the perfect example of "moderate" politics.

Faced with two opposing ideas, don't determine which is better and go with it. Take half the better idea and half the worse idea and stick them together and pass the frankenstien monster.

I don't think its a states rights issue really. I think its just that any system will be buggy and there are a ton of vaiables. If the states all work different solutions we will see the best solutions work and inceaste the standard of living in their states. THe bad ideas will quickly be replaced by the good ones so states can compete.

Once again I wish I was a corporation. Despite corporations being considered people, I am not allowed, like a corporation, to police myself. When I poison someone I don't get the option to turn myself in, fine myself or let myself go. But I do have one freedom corporations don't have, I get to ingest cadmium.

And I was sooo thinking of heading to McD's for some happy meals. Shrek par-tay!


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