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The Roadrunner Caught



damn that was funny.


I TOTALLY did not see that coming.... so funny. *8)

ROFL! Now he's really hit rock bottom.

that was really funny. and it made me think of norm (the roadrunner) and g.w.bush, and how the blog changed after bush got hit by the "rock" (obama). in this metaphor, i guess "jesus christ" would be "birding". :)


Yeah, I remember that moment for me too.. like.. oh well.. now that the this bafoon is gone, what do we do now? And we all knew that Obama could never be as smooth as Clinton, and he inherited the shittiest America in decades so we can't even say "Hoo-rah!" to much of anything HE does except tread water...

so like.. what do any of us do now with our spare angst?

Other than Chess Tempo, I mean... (look for it on the side bar ---> the full site is a lot of fun)

LOL! I thought he was going to clone the bird and bring it back :)


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