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Saturday Links With Your Tea

  • Live Blogging the Hitchens/Dembski Debate

    Hitchens: "I'm not going to allow Nazism to be called secularism. I'm a prisoner of my knowledge; I know too much about it. Mein Kampf speaks greatly to the idea of an obligation to God. Nazi soldiers swore fealty by God and wore the Gott Mit Uns belt buckle. Nazism was the Christian right in Germany subsumed into a political party."

  • Stupid Liberal Kid:Religious Persecution?

    Another great example of religion behaving badly. Asia Bibi has been arrested and sentenced to death for violating blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

  • Toy pig pulled from farm set on religious grounds

    A retailer withdrew a toy pig from a children's farm set to avoid the risk of causing offence on religious grounds, it emerged today. (Tip to Pedant)

  • Congressman says God will save us from climate change

    A Republican congressman who believes that global warming is not a threat because God has promised not to destroy the Earth has put himself forward as chairman of a powerful committee that deals with energy policy and its effect on the environment.



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