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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

Coffee Cup

Happy Thanksgiving

The message is that Turkey doesn't make you tired, and that you should eat your vegetables. I do believe I have a new favorite vegetable.

Is Pumpkin Pie a Healthy Dessert?

True or false? Pumpkin pie is good for you.

As desserts go, pumpkin pie has several things going for it. I mean, this is a dessert made out of vegetables...and you know how I feel about vegetables. Pumpkin is high in beta carotene and fiber and there's enough pumpkin in a piece of pie to count as about half a serving of vegetables.

Secondly, while many pies have both a top and a bottom crust, pumpkin pie usually only has a bottom crust. The crust accounts for a big proportion of the calories in pie--so having just one limits the damage. The crust accounts for a big propoprtion of the calories in pie--so having just one limits the damage. Compared with a piece of apple pie, a piece of pumpkin pie has 100 fewer calories and lots more antioxidants and other essential nutrients. That said, it does have a significant amount of sugar so best to keep it to one piece.

DeLay, as from the outset, said the case was all politics. "I'm not going to blame anyone. This is an abuse of power. ... ," DeLay said. "And I still maintain that I am innocent. The criminalization of politics undermines our system."

You're right Tom criminals in politics undermine the system, and so one more thing to be thankful for, Mr. Delay is a convicted felon.



Re: Mr. DeLay's conviction

One NYT reader (Greg from Austin, TX) said it best:

It couldn't have happened to a better person.

Not because Tom DeLay took politics to the lowest, dirtiest, most vicious level -- although he did.

But because he's guilty.

FACT: DeLay solicited corporate donations.

FACT: A check from him for $190,000 went to the RNC.

FACT: The RNC turns around and donates exactly that amount to seven GOP candidates in Texas that DeLay wanted elected.

FACT: State law prohibits corporate donations to candidates.

Mr. DeLay thinks we're dumb. He says this case was nothing but a political vendetta. That's rich coming from someone who pounced like a jackal on the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Another reader said it more cutely:

The Hammer → The Slammer

Delay ain't gonna spend one night in the slammer. Everyone knows that. Most of all, he knows that. It's Texas, afterall.

Oh yes, you're most likely correct - even if a pardon by Gov. Goodhair is required.

I love your stuff on food and agriculture, Norm.

I don't always agree with you, but I always know you're going to link to the most thought provoking material.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I don't observe it but I can appreciate a nice meal with friends and family. just had rotisserie chicken though. Tureky is more a Christmas thing for my tribe.


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