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Links With Your Coffee - Friday

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Well not quite, the debtors are not going to jail for their debts, but rather for failing to appear at a hearing about their debt. I suspect what is happening here is the debt collector after getting a judgment against a debtor for a past due bill, it could be anything medical, credit card, past due rent, in short anything you might owe someone money for, is looking for assets to go after to satisfy the debt. He files what in Utah is called a supplemental order, that is personally served on the person,and requires the debtor to come in and answer questions about his assets. (note: if he has no assets and goes to court and says so, that's it, end of story.) When he fails to appear in court another order, a failure to show cause why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court is filed and personally served on the debtor that basically asks why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court for failing to appear. Once again he fails to appear after which the court, not the debt collector files a bench warrant calling for the arrest of the person for failure to obey a court order, not for failing to pay a debt. There is usually a fine associated with the bench warrant and some courts will share that with the debt collector though they certainly don't have too. Did that make sense? Not quite the same as a debtor's prison, is it? If the debtor shows up in court on the first order and answers that he has no assets there is not a damn thing the debt collector can do. The story is mostly hyperbole, and doesn't accurately describe what is going on.

Listening to those opposed to genetically engineered crops you'd think they were the only ones concerned with nutrition, it's not true of course as evidenced by this conference on biofortification. Genetic engineering can and is playing an important role on this important topic. Now if only we can rely on the science and not the scare tactics of the ideologues we can address the issue of improved nutrition together.

Looking at all of the notes I've taken at the First Global Conference on Biofortification hosted by Harvest Plus, I'm a little overwhelmed. There were so many important ideas, from specific details on the ground in Uganda to broad discussions that affect everything we do in communicating risk.

The take home message, for me, is that there are people in dire need that deserve better, and improved nutrition is the key to solving many problems. As Mark Whalqvist said in a symposium about "Weaving biofortification into the global development agenda", good nutrition is not really about rights. It's about equity, fairness. A child growing up in rural India or Uganda deserves a chance for healthy brain and body development just as much as a child growing up in Washington, DC or Ames, Iowa. It's only fair.

Is there any possible evidence that would persuade atheists out of our atheism?

And if not -- does that make our atheism close-minded and dogmatic?



Hey Norm,

I'm guessing your email account has been hacked. I have no need for Viagra or Cialis, but thanks for the offer ;-)

Norm, I was planning on sending you an email as well; I didn't click on the link, but may some Cialis is just what is needed around here!

Can Atheism Be Proven Wrong?

Of course it can. I just need god to come and tell me that I am full of shit and that I need to get with the program. Barring that, I'm pretty comfortable with my intellectual foundation.

And if they are going to bring back debtors prisons for the poor I say let's dust off those guillotines for rich folks. Class warfare is only interesting if it works both ways.

I would settle for a ghost, or a unicorn, or an alien visitor that has heard of jesus before his arrival.

re: "Nutrition is key to everything"

Ms Bodnar quotes "Weaving biofortification into the global development agenda", "good nutrition is not really about rights. It’s about equity, fairness. A child growing up in rural India or Uganda deserves a chance for healthy brain and body development just as much as a child growing up in Washington, DC or Ames, Iowa. It’s only fair."

  1. Good nutrition is not dependent on Bio fortification.

  2. Children growing up in Washington DC and Ames Iowa 'deserve a chance for healthy brain and body development. They are not getting it either.

  3. UN Mellennium Development Goal # 8 about debt, free trade, quotas. It's not about appreciation of a good meal.

4.USDA programs, such as Team Nutrition and the Small Farms/School Meals Initiative, provide innovative ways to help better connect schools with their communities and enhance the quality of meals served in schools. Linking local growers and producers and school programs offers concrete benefits to everyone. * schoolchildren may have access to a greater volume and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables; * local school foodservice directors can obtain fresher products packed to better meet their specifications without having to pay for long-distance transportation and handling costs. (

Were there a commitment to feed our children, promises of future technology advances for lands far far away are neither necessary nor sufficient to the task.

re: "Charlie the Unicorn struggles with faith."


re: Can Atheism be proven wrong?

comment: Proof is a tricky business isn't it. "Judge them by their works" is one time honored approach, in which case it does rather seem that the world might be a kinder gentler place without a lot of the Gods humans have managed to imagine. And, to be sure, it does seem some churches teachings are so divisive that I'm inclined to view them as more likely mortal rather than divinely inspired.

I recently read that [the Prophet] "Joseph Smith said the Holy Spirit was our divine mother.... Later the Church changed the gender of the Holy Spirit to male, and now they indicate the Holy Spirit as genderless."

Can this be true? Gender ambiguity in the Holy Spirit. Wait... Does that mean (s)he is bi? Oh Dear. Do you think it a lifestyle choice?

After reading "Descartes Bones", wherein the heart wrenching intellectual effort that has gone into trying to straddle the line between rationality and religion is illuminated, I've been trying out full blown atheism. It makes such sense.

My conversion is not going perfectly well though. Here's the problem. You know those sweet moments. The ones that make your soul flutter in harmony with the Earth. Like a buss from a Butterfly. I love it when that happens. But if atheism is true, then who do I thank?

Never mind the Bees Betty Jo, it's the squirrels you gotta beware of ;-}

Sorry I've been pestering you today, this is the last one I promise.

The last of white trash Americana.


or full of hope, whatever the case may be.


If only you could be so exacting in your analysis of scientific thought as concerns climate change.

re: JoAnn "The last of white trash Americana".

comment: I resemble that remark. Little sis gave me a cookbook for Christmas two years back. It was called something like "the Complete Road Kill Cookbook."

re: "hopefully"

comment: oh ok.

I resemble that remark

How clever. Never heard that one before. I'll leave you to your road kill and pride of being white trash. ;)


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