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Great Horned Owl

My wife and I did a little birding at the Garr Ranch on Antelope Island today. There are a pair of Great Horned Owls there, but getting a glimpse is not easy. They blend in well and are quiet as can be. Today was different, no we didn't spot the owl but Tom was there taking some pictures and was kind enough to point one out.

Click on the picture for a larger version.

Great Horned Owl



I sent you that picture that my mom snapped of an owl. My parents home is frequented by a variety of owls.

My parents kept guinnea fowl and ducks for a long time and they make a lovely meal for foxes and owls.

While I still lived there a Great horned owl purched in a dead tree about sunset. Despite being a good 1/4 mile down the valley you could see it clear as day. These things can be as big as a small child. Truely magical looking animals.


My wife Tracy and I saw this same owl on our trip to Antelope Island last summer. We are from Brooklyn, NY. We also saw our life Virginia Rails in the swampy area at the ranch and a rare Cordelian Flycatcher that was hanging around. It was real nice to see the owl picture this morning, Thanks.

Rob Bate Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bird Club

It's a great place to bird. I just started my birding in June and have gotten a lot of birds on my list from trips to the Ranch and of course the Causeway that leads to the island.

I assume you know about the Burrowing Owls near the visitor center and there are Loggerhead Shrikes around the island. The Avocets and Black-necked Stilts were a real treat for us along the causeway, they are only incidental rare visitors out east here.

Funny you should mention the Loggerhead Shrikes I was at Antelope today with an Audubon group and got a good view of one on the road to Garr Ranch, the big treat for me was a Varied Thrush at the Ranch, really quite rare here. I love the Avocets, there numbers are way down, but I saw a few of those today also. They are much more colorful earlier in the year now they're just a crisp and clean black and white. We also saw Prairie and Peregrine Falcons, as well as Lesser Scaup and some Scoters not sure if they were White-winged or Surf. It was a great day of birding. Oh almost forgot and the thousands of Eared Grebes that are still there.

I just got my life Northern Shrike on Long Island this last week, it's a rare winter visitor from up north. Out east here we are anticipating (hoping for) a big eruption of winter finches and such that usually don't come this far south, we might even get a Great Gray Owl! Possibly the west could get some visitors, keep your eyes peeled. I did see the thousands of Eared Grebes when we were at AI.


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