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Fracking the Hell out of Pennsylvania

This is a current Passion of some of my old associates in Pittsburgh. They have been amongst those under Government surveillance. Frightening how the sell out policies of Bush are still this causing this sort of thing under a democratic president and a democratic Governor.



The composition of "fracking fluid" strikes me as weird. It is difficult to rationalize why some of the ingredients in the "proprietary fracking cocktail" are in there. You have wonder if they're not really necessary for fracturing the shale, but rather Halliburton wants a free pass to dispose of some waste chemicals under the protective umbrella of a clean water act exemption.

I didn't see where there was a list of chemicals in fracking fluid. Did I miss it, or did you see it somewhere else? I did see a short blip that included the chemical benzene as showing up in drinking water (I presume that was well water), but I doubt that was put in the well, rather it was a part of the oil deposits that have been disturbed.

If I remember right, the oil industry was born in Pennsylvania where oil would literally seep out of the ground. I'm not saying fracking shouldn't be scrutinized, but if you're drilling a water well in an area where oil used to seep out of the ground, you might have problems with or without a natural gas well nearby.

Is it possible people are looking for a boogey man?

Here's something from the Scientic American. Comments at the bottom amplify. The Sierra Club's been on this issue for awhile as well.

Maybe you're just referring the Pennsylvanian folks as looking for a bogeyman for their ills, but the hazards of fracking are pretty well documented.

P.S. I should be more specific: there's more to worry about from fracking other than the fluid used to drill through shale and create the explosion.

Here's what the article says about fracking fluid, btw:

In Dimock's case, Houston-based Cabot Oil and Gas has spilled fracturing fluid, diesel and other fluids, according to Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection. And elsewhere in the state fracturing fluid contamination has been detected in the Monongahela River, which is a source of drinking water. In more common practice, companies dump used fracking fluid back beneath the surface, usually injecting it into other formations beneath the shale. For example, in the case of the Barnett Shale, disposal wells send that water into the deeper Ellenburger Formation.

But there's also the problem of what's actually in the fracking fluid. EPA tests in Wyoming have found suspected fracking fluid chemicals in drinking water wells, and a study by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation identified 260 chemicals used in the process—a review undertaken as the state decides whether to allow such drilling on lands comprising the watershed providing New York City with its drinking water. And Dow Chemical notes that it sells biocides—antimicrobial poisons—to be included in the mix. But companies zealously guard the secret of what exactly makes up their individual "special sauce." It is one of the ways the companies distinguish themselves.

Also, you might want to check out the slide show that's in cluded on the web.

Nothing has bubbled to the service in 80 years or so.

So that makes it pristine?

I think one of the troubles here is 'mixed' or 'diffuse messaging' - the remarks at the end, though I take the guy's point, about renewable energy gives a gift to the opponents of this kind of effort. I'm not a writer for Fox News but it wouldn't take me too long to figure out how to dismiss this story: "A bunch of hippies in Pennsylvania are attempting to prevent drilling into gas deposits found in Pennsylvanian Shale, gas deposits which experts believe could free America's dependence upon foreign energy reserves. They are doing this, they say, to force America to develop 'alternative energy sources' to fight so-called 'global warming'." Poisoned water tables wouldn't get a look in. I mean, I'm an outsider here (being from the UK) so I don't want to tell you how to run your protest movements but if you ask me the trouble is that you're just not engaging with the blue collar folks who happen to vote Republican and have been brainwashed by Fox News. They see a hipster talking about climate change they're just going to switch off. Stick with the 'this poisons children, they need to make it safe... for children' angle.


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