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Backyard Birds - American Goldfinch


Click on the picture for a larger version.

American Goldfinch

I'm still new at this identification game and it is possible this is a Lesser Goldfinch, but I think the White on the tail feathers makes it American, if you're one of those birdy types who really knows his stuff, feel free to correct me. In any event the bird is, as my grandmother would say, it's cute as the dickens, or was it a cute little dickens. Betty Jo do you remember?



I recall it as "cute as the dickens", but either way, that's one darling bird. I am so impressed with your bird photography. It's awesome (as the granddaughters would say).

Why golly gee whiz, that there is one danged cute little ole' backyard bird.

This calls for some ,a href="">Vivaldi.


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