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Red-winged Blackbird

My wife and I spent a few hours this morning at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, where among other birds we saw hundreds of Red-winged Blackbirds. Here is one of the pictures I took.


Click on picture for a larger version.



I've always loved these birds but can't quite remember why. It could be the Beatles song "Blackbird", as they always remind me of music, and my father playing that song on guitar. But is it me or is there just 'something' about these guys that is more special than it should be?

ty norm!

Congrats! I was out there (from NYC) in August and BRWR was closed. It is a fantastic stop for birders from all over the world, you're lucky to have it in your backyard.

Indeed, they reopened it the first of September, we also saw several Northern Harriers, Turkey Vultures, as well as Cormorants. There was even a Neo-tropic Cormorant. The Neo-tropics have been showing up all over the place in fair numbers. There have been sightings over most of the state for the first time. It was also nice to see something beside the House Sparrows I see in my backyard. We saw Sage, White-crowned, Lincoln, Song and Chipping Sparrows as well as the usual shore birds, ducks etc. Hunting season had opened so we were dodging pickups and dudes with shotgunsm a distraction for sure.

NIce color and detail: great shot!

We did go to Antelope Island and saw American Avocets (some should still be there), Black-necked Stilts, Long-billed Curlew, thousands of Phalaropes (Wilsons and Red-necked), White-eyed Ibises, Burrowing Owl, Loggerhead Shrikes and a number of other birds, flycatchers and such at the ranch. Also Buffalo (and an Antelope.)

Hope you know of this bird alert site for Utah

Antelope Island and the Garr Ranch are great places to bird. I've made several trips out there since I started birding in June. And yes I'm more than familiar with the Utah list thought I'm sure there are some that wish I'd never found it.

On a recent visit to the causeway I saw a Sabine's Gull an unusual visitor to Utah, at the ranch I saw a Cassin's Vireo among other interesting birds. I'm indeed fortunate to live in an area that has such a wide diversity of bird life.

If you ever return to Utah let me know and we can spend some time birding.

memories... i don't know anything about the migration patterns of these birds, but i've seen them around ponds in west virginia and marshes in maine. i was always stunned by the flash of unexpected red when they fly (from a spot where i didn't even see them) and have "loved" (if this can be said about a bird) them for this. nice shot.


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