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Red-tailed Hawk


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Red-tailed Hawk



The photograph of this hawk is exquisite. Motion, beauty, and an abstract postion. Norm, there's an artist inside of you.

I think it's cool how he's peaking back over his shoulder

The peak makes an even smoother profile. Beautiful shot! From you yard??

No, we took a short trip to East Canyon Reservoir to see some Loons that had arrived in the past week they were still there as well as a cute pair of Barrow's Goldeneye. On our way back we went through the small town of Henefer, UT and had stopped to look at some Canada Geese on a pond there. I turned around ready to continue driving and on the other side of the road sat the Red-tailed, he let me take a couple of pictures of him perched and then left affording me an opportunity to catch him in flight.

Stunning pic, breathtaking in it's beauty. thanks. The chickens usually warn us when one of these grand birds shows up, but never have I glimpsed such an exquisite view as you captured in this outstanding photo.


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