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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

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Here's the difference between the two sides: You know that courtroom phrase, "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"? Both Mooney and PZ want to tell the truth about science and evolution.

Only PZ is willing to tell the whole truth -- that the logical conclusion of accepting science fully is that you must dismiss any notion of gods, miracles, and the supernatural.

Mooney thinks it's bad PR for us to admit that -- and he may be right -- but it's wrong to let Christians keep thinking science and religion are perfectly compatible when they really aren't.

I'm clearly on PZ's side of the spectrum, but I don't think anyone could realistically call me a "confrontationalist." I'm not looking to pick fights with theists, I frequently get invited by churches to help Christians understand our perspective, and I'm not calling religious people names just to underscore my point. PZ revels in that.

Chess is an ancient game that has been widely popular for centuries - but how is it faring in modern times?



Hey Norm,

A major election is less than two weeks away.

That quote is being quoted itself though, in the blog post linked. The author of the blog post seems to disagree with it. PZ responds as well.


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