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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend

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In Fact, He Doesn't Believe There is a Soul--Human Beings Only An Aggregate of Cells and the Brain Only a Wonderful Machine, Says Wizard of Electricity

I still find it amazing that with all the climate, security, health and financial interests America has in reducing its dependence on oil, our Congress could not work out an energy bill over the past two years -- especially when China, Japan and the European Union are all hurdling ahead on clean-tech. The fact that we failed to pass an energy bill -- cap-and-trade, a carbon tax, efficiency standards, I don't care which -- is actually a reflection of a broader U.S. power failure. It is the failure of our political system to unite, even in a crisis, to produce the policy responses America needs to thrive in the 21st century. As the Wall Street Journal columnist Gerald Seib once noted: "America and its political leaders, after two decades of failing to come together to solve big problems, seem to have lost faith in their ability to do so. A political system that expects failure doesn't try very hard to produce anything else."



Two videos worth watching, the trailer for "The Season of the Witch".

A classic song, "The Season of the Witch".

Christine's theme song?

agggghhh! one of my favorite songs of all time, used to play it with my band (no thinking required, just hit the groove). this isn't the best version which is from the "super session" album, but i couldn't find it on youtube in a cursory search. still beats the hell out of donovan who actually wrote the song. thanks!

oh here, found it. much easier on the ears of people not already fans of the erratic bloomfield/stills.

There might be more to the recent Maher clip, but what's on HuffPo doesn't exactly give Maher an A+ in the evolution of man either. Still, if O'Donnell were still into witchcraft, she might be able to trump Mr. Darwin!

Still, I like the monkee's response.

For the Friedman article, I wish he'd come up with something besides "We need to do better" - the candidate's mantra, no? BUt he's on the right side of the issue at least. Maybe if people heard about the red sludge in Hungary and the fact that it's looking worse they might consider the bi/tri-partisan efforts more of a just cause.


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