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Glenn and Donald

I found this really interesting, mostly because I have never really listened to Glenn Beck before and the more in context he gets the more insane he sounds.

I found this over at Boing Boing. They also posted the video Mouseland that I posted last week. It was interesting to see how the conversation played out over there. Check it out



LOVE the Donald Duck cartoon. Wish Mr. Beck was as innocuous as Donald. Did you see the latest Time Mag. with it's research into the upsurge in home grown right wing militias? Folk like Glenn Beck feed that madness for ratings, with a cynicism that makes me so angry. Then they dare say it's patriotic to do so. grrrrrr

I have never really listened to Glenn Beck before and the more in context he gets the more insane he sounds.

red, i certainly don't want to be defending glen beck or his minions, but what you said here is just so WRONG. it's what he does to you/us. it is exactly NOT in context. it's propaganda, good, well done, funny propaganda but propaganda nonetheless. the technique specifically involves quoting him OUT of context.

to hear beck properly in context, i would say a "fly on the wall" perspective while he's in a meeting with his corporate masters would be the best. but at the very least you should watch a few of his shows/listen to his radio broadcasts in full. try to get the big picture of what he's really saying. after you've finished puking, only then can you make any claims to having heard him "in context".

we're smart guys, right? we don't need propagandists (even clever, funny ones- like jon stewart, who you know i love to bits) to contextualize other propagandists for us.

Oh, I wouldn't call this In context. But I would call it more in context than what I ussually hear. There are multiple complete sentences in a row in some parts of this video. I ussually just here the 5 word clip on stewart.


Astutissimo, Becker on Beck:

Also Jon Stewart (in his Terry Gross interview) vastly minimizes the import of Beck, Pali(di)n(o), Pinocchio, adn the Neo-fascists fascinating and infatuating almost everybody. He is sanguinissimo about it all, blase at most. He must be ignorant of what a comic impression Mr. Schickelgruber and his Nazi (Tea) Partei made on the Blue Staters of Europe in the 1930s, those outside of Austria, Bavaria, for example the Jon Stewarts of Czechoslvakia, Beck is a Mormon Nazi, no more and N O L E S S.


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