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Exclusive - Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Announcement Extended

Find out how Oprah Winfrey is getting Jon's audience to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in this exclusive extended clip.

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Exclusive - Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Announcement Extended
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I want to go to there.

LOL.. now I have Liz Lemon in my head. :)

Please do, but don't forget to come back in time to vote on Nov. 3!

I'm reluctant to be too much a part of any group, even this group.

Which brings to mind.. yeah, I know.. he he) this interview with George Carlin by Jon Stewart

P.S. I discovered this gem by surfing the archives from Roger Ebert's Journal from some other link that Norm provided the other day.

thanks for the carlin/stewart. it was actually kind of sweet. and what carlin says about individuals vs. groups (hats, armbands, fight songs)...i totally hear ya sistah.

I actually thought about going, but I didn't have anyone available to go with me, and also I'm going to LV that weekend to meet with some friends. Halloween should be more fun than the some sanity rally, right?

I think being with friends is always better. I'm taking off to a pow-wow today, so I guess I lied about being a part of a group.. But it's a group of friends.


"taking off to a pow-wow "

one need not believe in crystals, wrist band hollow-grams, etc., but... well, ...

Watch out for the Klienbottle Nexus!

Seriously, dudes, all that "Native" American sprituality, calming, spiritualish questing/fasting/healing stuff is just a more or less solitary way of, restoring what sanity is available, in our partially hydrogenated diabeticking time bomb overmanipulated world-globule.


a pow-wow on a philosopher's tone to restore the music of sanity.

Did anyone go?

Ain't them the folks what was forced to ride a bus coast to coast to the rally?


For Jon's closing speech, go .

Somehow, the word "here" didn't make it, but if you click on the underlined period, you'll still get there.


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