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The Word - Mutually Assured Coercion

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The Word - Mutually Assured Coercion
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Like I said, brilliant comedy. I agree with is point to boot.

Colbert's Sellers is outstanding. The only thing that detracted from my enjoyment was that I kept being distracting by my own wondering about how much of Colbert's audience has never seen Dr. Strangelove.

Enough of them to lead some laughter.

What does bug me is that we are now to believe that buring the Koran is a radical act.

Isn't burning any book considered, if not a "radical" act, an act of anti-free speech kooks? I don't remember where I read it, but someone said it's as bad a protest idea as burning a cross. I don't think it's obviously as bad, but it's right there in the same continuum of bad ideas.

Well, yes Lets say an act more radical than burning any other book. Worthy of perhaps killing someone.


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