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SNL's Christine O'Donnell Sketch: 'I Masturbate Constantly'



This vid does not play anything here - not even the usual "not available in your country" message. Just get a spinning blue circle.

For some reason I can't get this song out of my head.

So...Christine O'Donnell is laughed at because she thinks we need to stamp out masturbation (now there's an image for you). Jocelyn Elders had to resign for suggesting that we might teach teenagers that masturbation is preferable alternative to riskier forms of sexual activity. (What a radical viewpoint that was.) Has anything changed or are we in exactly the same place? The only public stance one can take on the subject is to change the subject, I guess.

It's not the same set of people criticizing and ridiculing, obviously. The Liberal Media™ is in charge of comedy as well, so they will ridicule the ridiculous mercilessly.

"The video you are trying to access has expired." I was too slow :(

I really don't get that at all. How does a vedeo expire?

NBC is a technologically backward institution.

Well, it's still on hulu. I wonder why it's not on nbc. Strange.

Christine O'Donnell Cold Open


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