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"Shut-Up Jesus, I Am Trying To Remember My Speech!"

"I know Jesus, I will tell them about the headless corpses in the desert"



It's too bad that stupidity doesn't get you ousted in the GOP.

Her response to reporters inquiring afterwards about the alleged 'beheaded' bodies comment afterwards was atrocious, too. It'll be sad when she gets reelected.

Well lets just hope their acceptance of morons burns their candle at both ends.

Arizona is one of the places were Hispanic populations will first overwhelm white voters. And those folks are never voting republican again.

...stupidity doesn't get you ousted... ...acceptance of morons...

No, no. Stupidity is now a virtue in the GOP. In the old days, an 'aw, shucks' kind of southern lawyer countenance that covered for wily, clever person of substance underneath it all was a favorite. Now core GOP voters want 'em to be just plain stupid. That goes even for intelligent Republicans - stupid pols are much more pliantly obedient to, or at least manipulable by their corporate paymasters.

Jesus - She should've asked for a teleprompter.


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