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Richard Dawkins' Speech at Protest the Pope March



One of the most passionate Dawkins speeches I've ever seen. This really got me fired up!

i wouldn't normally say that richard dawkins rocks, but here he certainly "rawks" impressive, timely, necessary and correct. get godwin's law out of the way as soon as possible, i always say, so i'm glad the pope and the church decided to play it that way and i'm glad dawkins was so clearly up to the challenge of putting them in their place. well played. and thanks 1gm.

Sorry JB, but I have to object to your use of the "rawks" here. Dawkins does not come from New England, he comes from Olde England and his pronounciation of the letter 'o', as in 'rocks' seems to be unavailable to most US speakers. Listen to him pronounce the word 'Providence" at around 2.19. The 'o' os not pronounced 'ah'as in most US speech, nor is it 'aw' as if he were Bostonian. It is pronounced as a short 'o'. Listen and try it.

Oh, you snobs refuse to make a proper ooooo sound like those of us with a mid atlantic accent do.

a nice long sound like in boooooze. More an "ew"

This pope is truly a pig. The idea that the centuries-old roots of antisemitism had anything whatsoever to do with atheism is ludicrous. Not even the proximate "causes of Hitler" have anything to do with atheism.

I do remember Catholicism having something to do with it however.

If I remember the list of Non-jewish folks that found themselves in concentration camps it was somehting like this...

Socialists, gypsies, Atheists, Russians, and homosexuals.

If we made hitler, we really screwed it up.

thank you sir. to be clear: i am no expert on pronounciation though i do find dialect fascinating. as far as spelling goes, though: among my many stupid time wasting hobbies is an obsession with music magazines, especially those concerned with the guitar and modern and classic "rock". some of the best of these are british publications and i have often seen them use the spelling "rawk", without the quotes, in a reverential tone. the americans tend to use this spelling with the quotes with a lugubrious mixture of respect, wistfulness and spitefulness. (a classic american combination, if i do say so myself).

so, as far as pronounciation is concerned i would certainly defer to your expertise. in terms of the complex mixture of innuendo which can be loaded onto a written english word and it's spelling and context, however, i remain unmoved as to my choice of that particular spelling- in quotes- referring to the rawking mr. dawkins fearless and almost awesome display of stump polemics in the clip here. :)

sorry forgot to hit "reply to". that was for mr. pedantsareus, of course.

Sorry JB, I didn't realise you were referencing a British version of an American version of a pronounciation. BTW I was in conversation last night with a barmaid from Brooklyn working in my local Pub, and she agreed with me that it was almost impossible for her to pronounce the English 'O'. I asked for a pint of "Hoppiness" and she replied "Hahppiness"!

Here in Chicago, the short "o," as in "on," is pronounced "ahn," not "awn."

That corresponds with my experience of being in Booklyn and my new barmaid friend here in the UK, I always thought the 'aw' pronounciation was New English.

Wow, talk about taking the gloves off, this was one of Dawkins' most vitriolic attacks against the forces of evil in the world (i.e. Catholics). Fuck the Pope and the pope-mobile he rode in on.

I come from a Catholic family but I was never on board with their crap. Not ever.

The pope blaming atheists for Hitler is what a psychologist would call projection – and what the rest of us would call an act of unmitigated gall. This is the kind of crap official Vatican publications pushed for a long time.

Bravo! Every point he made was spot on! The Pope is the enemy of reason, plain and simple.

Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but – more frequently than not – struggles against the Divine Word.... Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed. Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and ... know nothing but the word of God.
  • Martin Luther

Thanks for the quotation, Tim. I have just used it in correspondence with a Welsh Witch.

there are many parts to dawkins speech that resonate strongly with me...

however (acknowledging I may be missing some English cultural context, being an Australian), when he gets to the Queen's Church bit, i can't help but feel Dawkins is just continuing that fine Protestant English tradition of Catholic-bashing, which they have applied in the past so well to places like Ireland. His Queen's Church has had an equally lovely past, what with burning heretics, starving millions to death and essentially expelling an equal number from their homeland.

I understand the speech is focused on the pope, but man... i just can't avoid the feeling that he's just another Protestant Englishmen (yes, i know he's an atheist, i'm talking about cultural/class heritage here) keeping up that fine tradition that the likes of Cromwell and good Queen Bess did so much to develop.

I'm not catholic, btw.


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