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Rally to Restore Sanity

Rational people will gather on the National Mall in DC to spread a timeless message -- take it down a notch for America.

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Rally to Restore Sanity
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I hope the Networks cover this well

I'll be there.

Of course, I live in the DC suburbs, so... I would have no excuse to not be there.

I would totally be there except I have shit to do.

P.S. As a sometimes professional comedy writer I think that the phone should have been made with empty generic diet cola cans. Or maybe diet Mr. Pib. It's a small point but comedy is in the details. Or maybe not.

I can't wait! I don't live in DC so I wont be coming, but I still can't wait!! :)

and the signs wuz spelled right 2.

oooo makes me wish i were still on the east coast.


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