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Keifer 's Grandad Tells the Story of Mouseland



Thanks Red, I enjoyed that. Here in the states we might ask 'why do we keep electing lawyers?'

Those that study law do make sense as those qualified to write law. Sometimes they even represent people.

It's not the profession that Worries me. It's who they side with.

More laws = more people paying lawyers. Seems pretty self serving to me.

I know lawyer jokes are funny and all, but if we elected only dentists do you really think that would solve the problem?

What I have seen in term limited states is that Citizen legislators rarely know how to write a bill. So the knowledge gap gets filled by those that do. Former legislators, acting as lobbyists.

for example...

Example of term limits?

Several US stated have those. Michigan and Missouri are examples.

Gosh, that's awful.

He is also a businessman. Telecommunications I believe.

Here in the UK the question is "why do we keep electing politicians?"

Probably needs expansion. "Why do we keep electing professional politicians who go from school to university (usually Oxbridge) then to a job as a political adviser then to a 'safe seat' and a job as a minister, thereby missing out on actually working at a real job?" - even the Law might be preferable. Oh, not quite right, BLiar was a Lawyer.

Why bad ones...

Sooooo, whom should we elect to office next?

People that write letters to the editor.

What state are you in again?

Sadly the answer might be Chet.

I've got to hand it to the NDP when it comes to noble ambitions but having lived through an NDP government and witnessed a couple more I can assure you that I know what the path to hell is paved with: good intentions and asinine policy.


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