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Indecision 2010 - Democratic Campaign Woes

Joe Biden tells Democrats to stop whining, and Barack Obama gives University of Wisconsin students a relatable metaphor about irresponsible vehicular operation.

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Indecision 2010 - Democratic Campaign Woes
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How can a ditch be both muddy and dusty?

Aha! This is a job for 'Pedantsareus' :

The ditch was obviouasly full of dried out mud - it took so long to get the car out of it.

the vehicle thing: Obama's riffing on an idea he talked about this time last year (I THINK that was the time). The GOP drove the economy into the ditch, the Dems won seats and POTUS, not the GOP wants the keys back. No!

This is more what Obama needs to push if he is to get any progressive legislation passed.

Hint: let f-ing tax cuts for the rich expire. Beat congress into submission and get them on this train dammmit.

He could call Republicans incompetent and say their economics have been tried and failed. Take a populist stance and actually define himself and them.

Instead we get an esops fable about pushing a car up a hill, in the muddy dust.

Come on guys, he's accomplished a lot so far. That healthcare/CPA Job Security Act was huge! Every Dem prez since Truman has tried that, and only a Nobel Prize winner could have pulled it off. Oh, and by the way, he DID let the tax cuts for the rich expire. So what if he's a one termer - that's probably all he'll need to fix everything he's inherited. Besides, it's really taking a lot of time away from his golf game.

Reagan and Clinton were in the same hole 2 years in.

And although I find many of his accomplishments fall short what we had all hoped he would push for, they are pretty remarkable in the general gridlock of DC since the early seventies.

Of course you'll never find a single Republican to admit that Bush fucked up this country pretty thoroughly.


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