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"He's Not With God, He's Fucking Dead"

I hope someone will say this on my funeral, cause I already foresee the fucking priest and other assholes claiming the dead is with God, same as they did with one of my close friends when we were 16 and pretty much any other person that I know that has passed away. The asshole priest even used the word "saint" and he had said to him in confession that he wanted to become a priest himself. Nothing further from the truth, as we have come to expect from Liars for Jesus. This kind of crap still angers me after all these years.

So I was cheering when I caught this on Maher's show on Friday. Action starts at around 5:30.



Respect to that guy.

What's the film Maher referred to?

This is the reason I no longer attend funerals in churches. My friends and family know I will not attend and they accept that.

I've had 4 mates die over the years (all from car crashes), and every single of of their funerals were hijacked by despicable priests for uses of prosyletising.

Never again will I watch a fallen mate disrespected.

At my mother's service some religious person "officiated" but was instructed to NOT give the religious BS - and he almost completely adhered to those instructions. If you leave explicit instructions that your memory will be disrespected by the inclusion of a religious asshole, if your family members will most likely honor your wishes.

i understand you're still steaming after what happened at your friend's funeral, but i think that crude vulgarity is not the best way to enlighten people: it makes us appear unhinged, not rational. At the time the "aggressive and strident atheism" angle is being deployed by people of faith, let us not deserve for ourselves the badge of "assholism" so easy to confer to others.



Much respect brother! Spoken like a true gentleman & a scholar!


Love thy neighbor, my child. Jesus loves you!

Well there is right now a whole "war" between "new" atheists and faitheists about that whole thing. I tend to disagree with the faitheists (look it up), especially when they're almost always being disingenuous and many times dishonest.

McCain got exactly what he deserved. Do you think if someone took him aside and put it to him politely, he and the other idiots would have realized what they did? They would have forgotten right away. At least they were publicly called out in the strongest terms.

And do you really thing just because you're using a word arbitrarily, that's "crude vulgarity"? What McCain said and how and why he said it, was a thousand times more vulgar.

That same year my friend died, my mother also died months later. We were just kids and I was a religious person (we were fresh out of Confirmation but it still bothered me that the priest said that about our friend, who had already stopped going to church after the brief emotional manipulation that is preparation for Confirmation for most catholics).

After my mom died though, forget about it. The asshole vultures were rounding me and my family and many times they tried to get me into joining their little cult as a brother (later to become a priest). I only recently after 14 years learned that my dad was also giving them money for one of them to finish his "studies", but that's another long story.

Then they tried to manipulate me into talking to new "Confirmandos" ("to-be-confirmed") about my experience, and if there's one thing I regret and even feel guilty about from my teens (and I was just as much of a fucking idiot as any other teenager), is that they somewhat succeeded. I'm so sorry about that.

My parents divorced when I was 10, but my mother (a lapsed Lutheran) sent me to CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) classes shortly thereafter to satisfy my father's Catholic side of the family. Even at that age I knew the nuns were full of shit and I wasn't forced to go for very long. My older brothers went to Catholic schools all or almost all the way through. We're all pretty much atheistic now except for one of my younger brothers who seems to maintain the bullshit for business purposes (or maybe he actually believes the crap).

It's much like smoking - you've got to get them hooked early or most people just won't buy in.

Good on him!

Religion demands respect from others, and then knocks on your door to "share the good news."

St Francis Xavier - "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man" - the Jesuits knew the inportance of early indoctrination 500 years ago.

I personally do believe you are more than just "dead" when it's all over here. But I completely agree that it was incredibly tactless for Shriver and McCain to impose their religious beliefs at the funeral of someone they didn't even know. I respect their right to their personal convictions -- after all, none of us KNOWS for sure what happens after death -- but it was disrespectful to this family to use the opportunity to grandstand. Esp. after all they had been through.

I found this online - not directly related, but worth considering in the context.

The random quotation that showed while watchiing this clip:

What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out,which is the exact opposite.—Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays, 1928

Richard will get dissed because of all of the f-bombs (not that McCain isn't known for dropping those himself), but he's on the money.

The more I learn about Pat Tillman, the more I like. His death was yet another tragedy in this war.

Did he just refer to WWII as a "just war?"

Sounds like he just admitted that he has sucked up all the propaganda spewed out during and after the supposed "just war."

Make no mistake that Hitler & Friends were bad folks, but to refer to the war as "just" implies that the US & allies were the "good guys" and what they did were "just," which ain't exactly accurate. Maher should be the first person who would acknowledge that.

Pat Tillman will live on in the hearts and minds of his family, friends, and a world left diminished by not only his premature death but also the loss of that noble instinct to do the right thing. An instinct that his government so mindlessly and criminally abused.

I respect people's wishes. You wouldn't insist on comforting a Christian with Buddhist sayings and prayers. Why would you presume to comfort an atheist with your 72 virgin myth? That's vulgar my Christian friend.

I know what you mean. We had two funerals for my dad. One a secular one, for us, and another for his father down south. I found the priest's input in the latter deeply uncomfortable and can't help feeling his stuff about 'divine mystery' was pitched at me for my having told him that I was irreligious (as is my brother and, so far as anyone knew, was my father). At the former we got drunk and sang 'always look on the bright side of life'; that was the real one.

Richard Tilman seems awesome.


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