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Bill Maher on Jay Leno



Well at least he is pro-germ theory now. Anyone else noticed he's not going off on "western" medicine that much or at all anymore, or am I wrong?

I was also gonna say, he should have gone on Letterman instead, or if it has to be in LA, on Kimmel, who actually have funny conversations and aren't reciting questions to their guests, but it's also funny how Leno's audience can't figure out what to do with Maher, in contrast to his sycophantic Real Time audience.


I noticed the same thing, Andyo. Hopefully Orac sees this.

"This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

quick before it gets taken down too. People really should start uploading to other sites. I don't think vimeo does this.

Thanks! It looks like Norm has edited the post and embedded that one now.

I did that


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