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Are We Run by A**holes?

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Are We Run by A**holes?
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Are We Run by A**holes?

When was the last time you encountered something that wasn't?

I happen to know that the first-year chemistry program of a major American university is run by totally swell guy.

The bleeping out of the word "asshole" is pretty fucking stupid. Who exactly is being protected? It's just so childish, especially since TDS isn't even on a major network.

Spain has very different attitudes regarding language. You can say almost anything on TV and yet the social fabric of the nation doesn't seem to be ripping apart at the seams.

heh - i liked how they bleeped out "ass" but not "hole." It really shrouded the comment in mystery. As to the why, I think they do it for people who are viewing this at work or on a public computer.

I think they censor it for TV, not for the internets. In the extended interviews for example I remember them not bleeping the naughty words.

Fuck censorship.

But can you bake a Jesus?

Yes, but can you shake him.

Be a Hero

Sorry Norm, I hope you'll pardon my off the topic solicitation of your readers.


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