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Ok, this is my frightening discovery for the week

  • Glenn Beck's use of the phrase "Constitution hanging by a thread"Is likely a reference to the Mormon prophecy of the White Horse. You can read the Text of the White Horse Prophecy on this LDS site. You can read about the link on this blog. Not convinced that our right wing friends are full of religious conspiracy theorists. Me neither, but I did see that when you Google the phrase this is one of the first links that comes up. It all puts Glenn's MLK speech in a weird perspective.



Frightening? Here is an American explanation of the situation for Brits:

"Thus the historically situated question is this: is the Tea Party movement a flash in the pan, or is it a historic fulfilment of an urge that has been building for 230 years and is on the cusp, with the help of Rupert Murdoch's "news" channel, of becoming a permanent fixture in American politics?" Michael Tomasky

One of my friends is a former JW. She left her husband, became an Atheist, is now dating an Atheist and is happier than she's ever been. While she was a JW she was miserable. Her husband's family was cruel and tormenting. If Atheists created comics like these I'm sure they'd have a lot more honest tales to tell.

I think this cartoon was made by an atheist, but i get your point.


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