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"Religion is not the opiate of the masses, religion is the placebo of the masses."

Dr. House Season 5, Episode 15, "Unfaithful". (tip to Mike)

Dick Cavett on the ground zero plus two or three blocks "mosque"

What other churches might be objectionable because of the horrific acts of some of its members? Maybe we shouldn’t have Christian churches in the South wherever the Ku Klux Klan operated because years ago proclaimed white Christians lynched blacks. How close to Hickam Field, at Pearl Harbor, should a Shinto shrine be allowed? I wonder how many of our young people — notorious, we are told, for their ignorance of American history — would be surprised that Japanese-Americans had lives and livelihoods destroyed when they were rounded up during World War II? Should all World War II service memorials, therefore, be moved away from the sites of these internment camps? Where does one draw the line?



As far as the new kinds of clouds are concerned, the first was most probably arrived at through HDR processing. That should lead one to question the authenticity of the other pictures. It is mentioned right away in the comments, but seems to be ignored.

Dick Cavett on the ground zero plus two or three blocks "mosque"

ok, I never see this the same twice so I looked.

It's about 1 block from WTC building 7,_NY_-_2001-09-11_-_Debris_Impact_Areas.svg

Also a piece of a plane landed there, so depending on how you define "ground Zero"...


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