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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

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Today in history: 1920 The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right of women to vote, was ratified when Tennessee became the 36th state to approve it.

New York Gov. David Paterson’s proposal to offer public property to relocate the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” raises serious constitutional issues and could spark litigation, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

“I understand that some people are not happy with the prospect of an Islamic center opening in Manhattan, but relocating it to public property raises significant legal issues,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “Whether the governor is talking about a gift of public land or a sweetheart deal that gives one religious group a special right to purchase government property, it’s wrong.

“In America,” continued Lynn, “government does not subsidize religion or give religious groups preferential treatment.”

There’s an entity that I dearly wish existed, for its presence would bring me solace and wonder. Alas, it’s elusive. There are rumors that it is actually present in the world, but, sadly, these never pass empirical scrutiny. A few people have had personal experience of this being, but these haven’t confirmed by others. Much as I would like to live in a world inhabited by this being, I must reluctantly conclude that it doesn’t seem to exist.

I am an a-woodpeckerist.

There he goes again, making up nonsense and making ridiculous claims that have no relationship to reality. Ray Kurzweil must be able to spin out a good line of bafflegab, because he seems to have the tech media convinced that he's a genius, when he's actually just another Deepak Chopra for the computer science cognoscenti.

The free market doing its thing. I know, lets have them regulate themselves, no need for more government regulation.



Somehow the 14th Amendment seemed more obvious and easy to get voted on than the 19th... by some 50 years. Yet the republicans would like to repeal.

What a world

Did that happen in 1868?

If it did, the Senate Majority Leader is a very old man!

Well I'm happy he's changed his mind. And after all, that was 17 years ago...

Thanks for the Kurzweil article. A really great example of sound scientific journalism.

19th amendment: comment from Richard Adams' blog in the Grauniad:


18 Aug 2010, 9:26PM

Still doesn't beat the 117th anniversary of votes for women in New Zealand."


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