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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

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Conservative talk-show host Dennis Prager writes that liberals hate conservatives, but not vice versa:

Every one of us on the right has seen this hatred. I am not referring to leftist bloggers or to anonymous comments by angry leftists on conservative blogs — such things exist on the right as well — but to mainstream, elite liberal journalists. There is simply nothing analogous among elite conservative journalists. Yes, nearly all conservatives believe that the Left is leading America to ruin. But while there is plenty of conservative anger over this fact, there is little or nothing on the right to match the Left’s hatred of conservative individuals.



Yeah, like Bill O'Reilly calling Bill Maher a pinhead because Maher said that the U.S. was a stupid country.

Beck, Rush, and O'Reilly are genuinely dishonest for their ends, those mostly being financial.

Hating a few individuals for lying to you still seems worlds better than hating an entire ideology over paranoid half truths and selfish desire not to be part of any community efforts.

I for one see real value in a conservative side to arguments. There are lines where cooperative action reduces individual freedom, and there are places where government is not the best solution to problems and someone should be fighting to keep us from crossing those lines.

But I haven't heard any real discussion out of conservatives for a long time. In fact I think alot of Dem infighting comes from the fact that we are trying to make both sides of the arguement.

I will welcome conservatives back if they ever choose to return.

Now Bill O'Reilly has called Rachel Maddow a loon and an über-lefty.

But still, his favorite tactic is just to say "shut up".

Two-bits worth on the GMO articles. Who wants to bet that once the roadside canola gets into the fields of farmers who haven't bought Monsanto canola, that Monsanto won't sue them for patent violation?

Secondly, is the banana problem a result of mono-cultures in Central America? Does it also affect areas where bananas are grown in a diverse environment like on some Caribbean islands?

Who wants to bet that once the roadside canola gets into the fields of farmers who haven't bought Monsanto canola, that Monsanto won't sue them for patent violation?

I'll take the bet, how much would you like to wager.

Nor does Monsanto claim ownership of the escaped plants, even those with multiple transgenes, according to company spokesman John Combest. "It has never been, nor will it be, Monsanto policy to exercise its patent rights where trace amounts of our patented traits are present in fields as a result of inadvertent means," although researchers would have to obtain a license from the company to work with the GM plant.


But somewhere there is probably a release tat says "We don't kill Soldiers or bald eagles"

That statement from Monsanto is not what American farmers say, as in the video documentary I previously linked. Farmers in Canada have also been either sued or threatened with suits for the accidental presence of Monsanto products.

Reading readers comments after the article is interesting.

Oh you mean like Percy Schmeiser the darling of many of the "documentaries" on the subject, and why is that never tell us that the Supreme Court of Canada found him guilty as can be.

From the court documents:

Schmeiser never purchased Roundup Ready Canola nor did he obtain a licence to plant it. Yet, in 1998, tests revealed that 95 to 98 percent of his 1,000 acres of canola crop was made up of Roundup Ready plants. The origin of the plants is unclear. They may have been derived from Roundup Ready seed that blew onto or near Schmeiser’s land, and was then collected from plants that survived after Schmeiser sprayed Roundup herbicide around the power poles and in the ditches along the roadway bordering four of his fields. The fact that these plants survived the spraying indicated that they contained the patented gene and cell. The trial judge found that “none of the suggested sources [proposed by Schmeiser] could reasonably explain the concentration or extent of Roundup Ready canola of a commercial quality” ultimately present in Schmeiser’s crop ((2001), 202 F.T.R. 78, at para. 118).

Why don't you read it yourself?

Your blanket condemnation of GMOs reveals a striking ignorance of the subject and yet you continue to spout the anti-GMO talking points, and go searching the internet to confirm your bias.

Let me know when you've read it and then tell me what you think of Percy Schmeiser and his obvious lies.


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