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All the stuff I'd post on the current political scene if I wasn't so fucking lazy.

One of the 32 solar-thermal panels that captured energy on the roof of the White House more than 30 years ago landed this week at a science museum in China

One of the core “pearls” of this blog is that not all scientific studies are created equal. It is common for the media and the public to cite the fact that “a study shows” some claim or other, but such appeals to evidence are worthless unless we can assess the quality of the study. We now have a gaggle of science bloggers – real scientists blogging about research – to help explain all the various ways to look at the quality of a study, and hopefully this is resulting in a more savvy population of science enthusiasts (the kind of people who read science blogs).



more than 30 years ago landed this week at a science museum in China

Actually they call it the American lack of initiative Museum.

Its right between the EV1 and one of those lazy boy chairs that helps you stand up, and across from a model of the new world trade center building.

From the industrial bleach miracle cure blog:

Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.

Whoa! Say no more - let me get my wallet.
Actually (and they recommend taking this by IV!) I guess this is just a primitive, poor-man's form of chemo - in a very short-sighted sort of way, at least, it makes some vague amount of sense for a few of these conditions. Thank god for the streamlined IRB process of Malawi!

The most staggeringly nonsensical thing about the promotion of MMS is the use of the classic argument that "traditional medicine is 'poison', and this alternative treatment lets you avoid putting more poison into your body". Last I checked, something with a lethal respired concentration of 10 ppm tends to qualify for the 'poison' label. Grrraghh.

This whole matter is a bit confusing, considering how many contradictory claims--not to mention lack of reliable evidence of any kind--are out there. Chlorine dioxide is indeed used as a water treatment strategy, which purportedly is beginning to replace the use of chlorine, in concentrations of 0.1 ppm. It certainly displays anti-pathogenic activity in that context. Nonetheless, the claim that MMS is safely usable in vivo, and that it somehow targets only harmful pathogens is a painful stretch of logic and lacks a shred of clinical evidence. The further alleged claims that it targets HIV and cancer seem to transcend to the purely batty.

The further alleged claims that it targets HIV and cancer seem to transcend to the purely batty.

Well, it certainly wouldn't be discriminate, but hey, what quicker way than an IV of bleach to tamp down your runaway HIV free viral load or armies of useless blasts? Probably pretty effective, especially if you're not concerned about that whole oxygen trasnport thing, the continued functioning of your kidneys, consciousness, etc.


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