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Links From Pittsburgh

  • Pirates lose despite my presence. Luckily I brought a Mets Fan with me.

  • Fate of Universe revealed

    A "galactic lens" has revealed that the Universe will probably expand forever. Understanding the distribution of this force revealed that the likely fate of the Universe was to keep on expanding. It will eventually become a cold, dead wasteland, researchers say.

  • Muslim Madness

Obama, a Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a bar on 52nd Street and the bartender says - "What is this, a joke?"

Yes, it's a joke - just like our so-called "media."

Exhibit A: Chuck Todd told Andrea Mitchell that maybe the "President needs to be seen going to church more publicly." And another man said the same thing to Norah O'Donnell on her program. This was in response to a poll that showed 18 percent of Americans think Obama is a Muslim.

  • Corporate Rotten Eggs

    There are rotten apples in every industry. Or perhaps I should say rotten eggs. One especially rotten egg is Jack DeCoster, whose commercial egg agribusiness, which goes under the homey title "Wright County Egg," headquartered in Galt, Iowa, sends eggs all over the country under many different brands. Those eggs have now laid low thousands of Americans with salmonella poisoning, and may well infect thousands more. DeCoster is recalling 380 million eggs sold since mid-May. Another commercial egg company, also headquartered in Iowa, and in which DeCoster is a major investor, is recalling hundreds millions more. It's not clear how recall rotten eggs are recalled. They're not like Toyotas. They're already in our food supply. But this is only the beginning of the story.

  • The management consultancy scam (Tip to Pedantsareus)

    Yet the process of management consultancy has always been shrouded in priestly secrecy. (Clearly running a business does not mean you don't have superstitious crappola)



Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss has a much longer description of what will happen, "A Universe from Nothing".

The eggs are recalled like any food product is from lettuce to beans. The stores are notified to take the product off the shelf. The local news reports on the problem identifying the products by brand and lot number. And depending on how prompt they are determines the number affected. This guy it seems has a history of problems, all the enforcement tools at the governments disposal should be used to address the problem. I personally think someone like him should be shut down, at least for a time. Financial pain is the only thing someone like him understands. And if I was a victim I'd be tempted to sue his ass.

The management consultancy article is great. What is left out is an answer to the question: How is it that corporate managers at the top would hire these charlatans is the first place? I would suggest that the problem is that most corporate managers are trained as MBAs - no other training makes a person more receptive to the "dark, dehumanised vision of workers as cogs in a machine".

How is it that the more freedom you give them the more they make wall street like gambling?

These guys are addicted to winning and they know it isn't all about their talent.

Muslim Madness
An excerpt from the Guardian "According to a recent poll, one in five Americans believes Barack Obama is a Muslim, even though he isn't. A quarter of those who believe he's a Muslim also claimed he talks about his faith too much. Americans aren't dumb. Clearly these particular Americans have either gone insane or been seriously misled. Where are they getting their information?

Sixty per cent said they learned it from the media. Which means it's time for the media to give up.

Seriously, broadcasters, journalists: just give up now. Because either you're making things worse, or no one's paying attention anyway. May as well knock back a few Jagermeisters, unplug the autocue, and just sit there dumbly repeating whichever reality-warping meme the far right wants to go viral this week. What's that? Obama is Gargamel and he's killing all the Smurfs? Sod it. Whatever. Roll titles." Could it be that they are TRYING to make things worse?

How is it that the more freedom you give them the more they make wall street like gambling?

It is only like gambling in that they're playing for "the house". If they lose, they hold a gun to our head and make up giver back the chips.

that is partially true. But alot of the business world got hit by this crash too and many of them were buying assets they knew were overvalued.

Eventually it will become a cold, dead wasteland...

Little did Newton Minow suspect that his description of television would someday apply to everything.

Seems hard to believe, doesn't it. The cyclical universe seems much more logical.

Actually, this fate of the universe was already known. That's what Krauss referred to in his talk bernarda linked above. In 1998 two different teams confirmed that the universe appeared to be not only expanding forever, but also accelerating in its expansion, and that's what gave rise to the "dark energy" suggestion. I'm not perfectly clear on what this gravitational lens study is saying, but it seems like just another confirmation for what they already knew.

you from pittsburgh, red? i grew up with pittsburgh the closest "real" city (40 miles or so) and happily spent almost every saturday of my childhood there. i knew the carnegie museum of natural history better than my own back yard, and squirrel hill (where the jews live) and the strip district (where my folks did their shopping)... don't know why i'm mentioning this, just the memories, i guess. modern pittsburgh is much cleaner and safer than the one i remember from the late 60's to late 70's, but it's a great city and represents a great america that new yorkers and angelinos can't even imagine. i've never been to minneapolis- is it really that much nicer these days? the comparisons are indeed amazing. go pirates!

Cool JB, I grew up in eastern Pa but I worked and lived in PGH for several years so it is one my homes away from home. I was there to celebrate a friend's birthday and gave everyone a tour of my old stomping ground.

WE ate in the strip and drove by my old apartment in Sq Hill, the Carnegie museum and visited the Warhol Museum.

so, you were a phillies phan. i'll try to maintain a respectful tone, but it just got harder. :)

i'm just kidding, i don't give a shit about baseball, though i had a thing for willie stargell as a kid, like all the other kids where i grew up. eastern pa is cool too, and beautiful- especially lancaster county and the amish country in general. and of course the historical weight of philedelphia.

I had Manny Sanguillen BBQ while at the stadium saturday.

In general it is a rough time to be a Pirates fan.

also btw if you want' to read a truly great memoir about growing up in pittsburgh in the 50's and 60's, check out "an american childhood" by annie dillard, one of my top 3 authors of all time.

IF you also want to get a feel for the geography and crazy layout of the city you can get this book.


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