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Keith Olberman Questions America’s Religious Tolerance

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I saw a bit of this earlier this evening but can't get it to play now.

American tolerance in general seems to be the real question.

The beginning sounded a lot like "Yes, this is hyperbole, but I am going to use it anyways."

The ending was good though.

Tolerance is a good thing, but sometimes you have to put your foot down and say no. Tolerance is why Britain and western Europe are being slowly being taken over by minorities who shun Western social ideals and tolerance in favor of importing third-world, ass-backward, barbaric codes of ethics and demand that THEIR rights be respected. Bin Laden himself clearly stated that the freedoms enjoyed by those in the west will be used against us, exploited to ensure that nothing could be done to stop their goals since they would be protected under our laws. This is the problem with liberalism, this idea that if we're nice enough, free enough, and tolerant enough that everyone will live in peace and harmony. Everything would be so great if it weren't for the evil white man oppressing everybody else. Well, it's this idea of liberalism, and the strange willingness of liberals to fight to the death for the rights of those who would destroy us and take said rights away that is leading to the destruction of western civilization.

This is the problem with liberalism, this idea that if we're nice enough, free enough, and tolerant enough that everyone will live in peace and harmony.

I don't remember ever thinking that. I do remember thinking that if you eliminate freedom in an attempt to protect freedom you are sort of an idiot. Prevent murder, kill everybody.

I don't believe in cultural relativism in regards to core preinciples of democracy and freedom and equal rights, I don't think many people do.

More than anything I think conservatives, think accepting things like mosques is akin to accepting all the worst ideas associated with it

There's much in your comment that might generate a response, but I have a question. Specifically, what part of Olberman's statement caused you to write your response? I was unable to relate your statement to any substantial part of Olberman's piece. Your post seems like a general statement against liberal values rather than a response to the issues specifically mentioned in Olberman's video. Thanks.

Did you even watch Olbermann's piece? Or did you just decide this was the place to post your silly rant. What a twit.

Well, it's this idea of conservatism, and the strange willingness to ignore reality, invent paranoid delusions, and exploit blind fear that is leading to the destruction of western civilization.

he probably won't read your comment

Yeah, he tends to be a drive-by loony.

Video still trying to load after 5-10 minutes. Don't know if there's been some update or other change that's causing this.

slightly OT: Atheist Convention in Des Moines next spring!

less than enthusiastic (but not mean) blogger and American Atheists COnvention Announcement

way to make the movement look sexy, AA.

I didn't get to watch the clip in it's entirety due to the fact that it was taking forever to load. Having said that, it's rather clear what Olberman's position is on the whole issue. My first post was more a comment on the issue rather the clip. The strange thing is that I used to love watching Keith when Bush was in office. I hated Bush and would still love to see him go to prison. I'm not a strict conservative. I do lean right, but lean left on some issues, particularly when it comes to religious issues. What alarms me are the issues facing Europe at the moment, like mass immigration of Muslims who would like to force Sharia into law. I don't know how many stories I've seen about this posted on this site, but I do know I've read countless comments of disapproval. However, when you point out the reasons for this happening, like mass immigration of Muslims from Northern Africa and the Middle East, combined with low birth rates of native Europeans and a complete apathy towards the impending social changes, you're called a racist. Some Europeans are waking up to this really, and are quickly labeled as racists and hit with hate crimes charges. They see the ship sinking but are powerless to do anything. Europe is like a crystal ball, fortelling what is slowly happening here. Call it fearmongering if you want. I can only imagine what America will be like in 50 years.

It is a complicated issue and it is possible to see challenges in a democratic system when you have a rapid influx of people from another culture and still not be a racist.

It's the solution that you have to be careful about. You can't ban immigration and make religions illegal, or make immigrants non-citizens.

THose are just anti-democratic actions that even if our society if facing some changes we have to stick to our core principles.

Certianly I support immigrant populations here in the US in their desire to be legal participants in the govt that should represent them. I also have very different religious and social views then someone of low income that recently came from mexico or somalia.

The answer to the problem is about economic oppurtunity, education investment, and quick reaction to violence and hate crimes.

No one is talking about banning immigration, making religions illegal, or making immigrants non-citizens. However, unregulated immigration of mass numbers of people is a problem, particularly those who come illegally or who refuse to assimilate into Western culture. Sure, we have core principles that we can't do away with, but we also shouldn't bend over backwards to make them happy. For instance, allowing children to bring knives into classrooms because it's part of the Sikh religion, or giving some authority in certain matters to imams who believe in Sharia law, as has happened in Britain. That kind of cultural relativism, which is becoming more and more troublesome in Western Europe, is alarming.

Lastly, while I'm all for economic oppurtunity, education investment, and quick reaction to violence and hate crimes, keep in mind that the majority of the larger terrorist plots recently have been commited by educated, well-to-do Muslims, so those issues you mentioned are not the problem. It's the ideology, and as Dawkins has described it, it's a meme that is spreading like a virus.


britain =! europe

it may be part of the e.u., but britain is really an entity for itself (they try to distance themselves from the e.u. and the rest of the e.u. views them as outsiders).

while i as a german agree that mainland europe faces it's own immigration problems (though you've got to be careful about generalizations in that case, since europe is far from the unified entity it is often viewed as in the states), the reality isn't as grim as you might think.

france has big problems with its banglieus (or whatever the name is. but poverty and a failed political policy are to blame too), britain has certainly screwed up in quite a few aspects and even germany has a problem in some parts with muslim minorities, but there is no danger here that can strictly be attributed to the muslim religion alone - far more often it is poverty plus an outdated religion with the attached outdated role-model that leads young turks and alike to extremism and violence. but for example in bavaria, where i live, the "threat" is virtually non-existant.

KO discussed what the purpose of Park 41 is: a community center, not a mosque, and not intended for Muslims only. He discussed the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real, doncha know?) that lines the rhetoric to prevent the center's development.

The crux of his discussion was not immigration of any sort. He did a decent job of dispelling the myths that this building would in any way be a symbol of Muslims trying to impose fundamentalist Islamic tradition on our society.

Well worth the effort to see this clip. Especially as KO explains why the start sounds like hyperbole but really isn't.

First the likes of ryuhayabusa came for the immigrants, liberals, muslims... The list goes on.

When you don't have a sound argument, just call the other person a Nazi. Really classy...

Yeah, we try to discourage the NAZI comparisons around here. Ussually KO does too, I guess he made an exception.


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