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Greater Roadrunner

I spent the last couple of days in Yuma taking care of some family business, but did manage to find a couple of hours to do a little birding. I've seen the Greater Roadrunner a number of times on previous trips to Yuma, but he was always headed the other direction, my but they can run fast. They are able to fly, but with the foot speed they exhibit they are able to hunt for lizards and snakes and such on the ground.


Greater Roadrunner



What I wouldn't give for an Acme snow shovel and anvil right about now.

Wow, this is a great picture, Norm!

wow, pedantsareus, i had no idea you were so "cool"! thanks for the great video, hadn't seen it tho i love bo diddly. that's "lady bo" on second guitar, they're both playing custom gretch guitars designed by bo himself i think. for the pedantically minded. :)


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